Unintentional Journey

Well my road trip has come to an end. I’m now sitting in a blanket at a baseball game in Tuttle. What started out as just a road trip to some places in Oklahoma I’ve always wanted to visit has turned into some kind of spiritual journey for me. I moved on to Natural FallsContinue reading “Unintentional Journey”

Red Sox Game (Boston)

We slept in this morning. Something I find quite fascinating in Gloucester is that most places do not have AC. They open their windows and use a box fan if needed. The place where we are staying is on stilts over the water. We get to experience the tide activity. During some parts of theContinue reading “Red Sox Game (Boston)”

Hawthorne’s Famous House

Another early start this morning. We were out and fishing by 6:30. We had a blue fish and a bass on but lost them. We ventured into a place called “The Corner,” but our luck didn’t change there, so we called it a day. I highly recommend taking a fishing charter with the Sandy B.Continue reading “Hawthorne’s Famous House”

Fishing Day (Gloucester, MA)

The day everyone was waiting on has at last arrived: Our first day of fishing. We got up at 4 am and boarded the boat by 5 am. Both boys got a little sea sick but pulled through it to catch several haddock. Trey caught a shark, but no tuna. At one point, Jake wasContinue reading “Fishing Day (Gloucester, MA)”

Wicked Tuna Crew (Gloucester, MA)

Today was a day of leisure. We ate breakfast at Sailor Stans. Mona who owns the place where we are staying recommended it. She was right. It was delicious. There were a couple of older gentlemen sitting at the table next to us. It appeared they were regulars. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to their conversation.Continue reading “Wicked Tuna Crew (Gloucester, MA)”

The Rocky Neck Art Colony (Gloucester, MA)

On Wednesday, we flew into Boston around midnight and journeyed to Gloucester. We found our accommodations in Rocky Neck (and that is the name of the actual place: Accommodations at Rocky Neck). “The Rocky Neck Art Colony is one of the oldest working art colonies in the country, and has been luring artists to itsContinue reading “The Rocky Neck Art Colony (Gloucester, MA)”