Summer Gives Me a Reason

Cooling off during a hot day in downtown Oklahoma CitySummer gives me a reason to walk barefoot, no laces to restrict me and no socks around my ankles suffocating my flesh.

Summer gives me a reason to wiggle my toes and feel the odd coolness of the grass between each one.

Summer gives me a reason to walk on the beach in the middle of the day pretending I can withstand the suffering and the pain of the wrath beneath my feet.

Summer gives me a reason
to dangle my feet in cool water
and flick it on someone if I feel tempted.

Summer gives me a reason
to lift my feet and relax in a hammock, or tip toe while I dance in the rain.

I may seem strangely untamed, perhaps somewhat insane, but summer gives me a reason.

What Summer Knows

Never could hear the music,
but I tasted the words and
tears of others destined
to feel the intoxicating
fragrance of fresh salt
water on skin and drips
of moonlight cascading
over moments that become
memories, a lingering
touch of a hand, or a kiss
left to the wind. Summer
passes one lover off to
another, and there the sun
sets and rises for the
restless traveler to forever
hide the storm within.