Sitting at Powell’s

I sit in this bookstore
where I feel detached
from the young and
too young to be the old.
Miles away, memories
come in with the fog
and rest their toes at
the edge of the water.
The only promise of life
is the sound of fury
from beyond what
only the lost can see.
I can only hope my
ghost is always there,
walking the shoreline
and dreaming, neither
young nor old, but
timeless in this melody
that never leaves us.

Morning Dew

On teardrops and rose petals,
I come to you, slipping
through your window, just
past the morning dew.
I touch you with a whisper,
kiss you with my heart,
an echo from the past,
a promise in the dark. Your
body moves alongside me,
beyond the years and
past the many miles
in this place where first
kisses burn eternal
and pure love
cannot be denied.