Learning to Climb

I took an unplanned road trip of Oklahoma when my other spring break plans fell through. On my first day, I parked my car along an old path at Lake Murray and let myself get lost and then found again. 

I then made a stop at Turner Falls. My goal was to get some good pictures, but I also ended up spending my day rock climbing (this was a first for me). 

A few places in my climb challenged me to quit. Instead, I stepped back and studied the difficult area. I said to it and to myself, “I am going to figure out a way to conquer this!” 

And I did just that. Standing at the top of the cliff, looking down, I felt so alive. 

My next stop before Chickasaw National Park was Bedre Fine Chocolate. The chocolates were amazing. Then it was on to Chickasaw National Park. 

Here are my pictures from the day.