Susan McElhaney

I am an NASM Certified Personal Trainer with training from NASM and AFAA in MMA Conditioning, Kickboxing: Skills & Drills, Yoga and Pilates and Midlife Fitness for Women.

No excuse is greater than your potential!

Strong not Skinny

FULL DISCLOSURE! So here my friends is a photo of me today at 52 and 175lbs!!!! I took it to show some friends my latest Zyia purchase. But as I look at it I also see a message to share. I used to be skinny. Today I weigh 40-50 lbs heavier than I did in…

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Keep Showing Up!

I’ve been out of sync the last couple of times at the gym. Today I was filled with self doubt. I looked in the mirror and saw everything wrong with me from the back boobs to my dry legs. I think I even said to myself, “You are 50! What the hell are you doing!?!”…

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While learning to do squats with weights I never thought I could lift, I was also learning to push through my heals and dig down deep into my gut to overcome my anger, bitterness and hurts.

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