Learning to Climb

I took an unplanned road trip of Oklahoma when my other spring break plans fell through. On my first day, I parked my car along an old path at Lake Murray and let myself get lost and then found again.  I then made a stop at Turner Falls. My goal was to get some goodContinue reading “Learning to Climb”

Robber’s Cave

Each day of my journey across Oklahoma, I think, “This day, this place is my favorite.” The day I drove to and ultimately arrived at Robber’s Cave (former hideout of outlaws Jesse James and Belle Starr) was truly no different. I had very little cell reception and found it such a delight. The day wasContinue reading “Robber’s Cave”

Off-the-Beaten Path

As I researched more about Robber’s Cave, I learned that Belle Starr not only had a home nearby but was also buried near where her home once stood. So I ventured off my planned route determined to find it. My journey led me to a bar at the edge of some town I can’t recall.Continue reading “Off-the-Beaten Path”

Worth a Pause 

Down an unassuming backroad, forgotten mostly except by the locals who still need it, cattle graze and flowers answer the call of spring.  A bottle lies partially hidden beneath the soil. Who knows its history. Who knows its future. All that is known to me is that at this moment we are here together. We,Continue reading “Worth a Pause “

Unintentional Journey

Well my road trip has come to an end. I’m now sitting in a blanket at a baseball game in Tuttle. What started out as just a road trip to some places in Oklahoma I’ve always wanted to visit has turned into some kind of spiritual journey for me. I moved on to Natural FallsContinue reading “Unintentional Journey”

NYC ’15 – Jackie O’s Grand

Today we visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where I lit a candle in honor of my daughter Faith. I don’t know if that’s appropriate or how you do that sort of thing, but I did it nonetheless.  The cathedral was completed in 1878 and dedicated on May 25, 1879. We did the hop on hop off tour.Continue reading “NYC ’15 – Jackie O’s Grand”