Mommas, Boys and Valentine’s Day

It was Valentines Day 2009. I was asleep in my bed but could hear whispers. I woke with the two of you standing beside me as I slept, smiling with pride and eager for me to notice the gift you had left on my pillow.

It was a plastic rose.

“We were playing cowboys and Indians, and we accidentally hit that wreath thing, and this rose fell out. It is just plastic, but it won’t die so you can have it forever.”

So to my dear friends and passing strangers – I wish you good days filled with plastic roses that will never die!

Fine Line

My son walked away this weekend from the kind of wreck that has taken many people’s lives.

I have said that it was the call no mother ever wants to get. But that’s not true, because my kid lived.

I’m struggling with all the what ifs. I’m brow beating myself over letting him go, all the while knowing I have to let him go again, because as parents it’s what we have to do. We have to let them go, hoping our love and guidance is enough to help them survive the fine line.

And we are all standing on it. We live there, and don’t even know it. The world may be round. We each may live with a different view, but one thing is constant: We breathe; we sleep; we eat; we walk the fine line every day of our lives.

Our choices, our dreams, who we are may play a factor; but ultimately when the winds of fate blow, we land on one side or the other without discretion.

Take nothing for granted.