Run, Baby, Run

9-9-2009 to my grandmother and my daughter Run, baby, run, to the gates, to the sun, welcome her there where you two can share stories of home and reunions to come. Grandmother, Mother, Daughter, one day we’ll all be together. You two can prepare for our arrival there. Run, baby, run over golden streets toContinue reading “Run, Baby, Run”

Those Damn Pills (Original)

Gotta take these meds to keep me straight in the head like the judge and jury said you’re no good to me dead. So I swallow my comfort, sleep in my tears bathe in my hurt and forget my fears. The kids need new shoes and a mom with no blues the dog needs aContinue reading “Those Damn Pills (Original)”

Morning Delivery

(Taking Trey to school one morning. Written 2-2-09) “You are the brightest star in my sky.” You grab your backpack, glance at me, almost smile but roll your eyes instead. “Be a leader today; reach beyond your potential.” You pretend you don’t hear me, distracted by something other than my voice, but I notice asContinue reading “Morning Delivery”