Unintentional Journey

Well my road trip has come to an end. I’m now sitting in a blanket at a baseball game in Tuttle. What started out as just a road trip to some places in Oklahoma I’ve always wanted to visit has turned into some kind of spiritual journey for me.

I moved on to Natural Falls State Park, after stopping by Camp Scott (the old Girl Scout Camp that closed in 1977 after the tragic murders of three campers). This moment was quite an emotional one. I had one other place on my list, but I was physically and emotionally exhausted, so I decided to head to Tulsa for the night.

I stopped at the “I Don’t Care Bar and Grill” in Catoosa before going to the movie theatre to watch “The Shack.” Having read the book, I knew my emotional roller coaster was not yet over. 

I then had a lovely day with a dear friend before coming home. 

Along my journey, I tried not to take any major highways. Each stop I made along the way was unique and special. I saw parts of Oklahoma I’ve never in my life seen and was greatly touched by my experiences. 

Here are pictures from my last day at the falls. I’ve also included a screenshot of my route. 

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