Robber’s Cave

Each day of my journey across Oklahoma, I think, “This day, this place is my favorite.” The day I drove to and ultimately arrived at Robber’s Cave (former hideout of outlaws Jesse James and Belle Starr) was truly no different. I had very little cell reception and found it such a delight.

The day was sunny but a bit chilly. Nonetheless, I forged ahead in layers and had just an absolutely amazing hiking – even climbing – experience! 

I was disappointed to find out that the cabins were all booked for the night. I asked the clerk to take my number just in case there was a cancellation. As I lay in the sun on a rock above the cave watching the clouds go by me and taking pics, my phone rang. A cabin had just come available. So I was able to stay after all. I got settled into the cabin then drove down the road to Kreb’s for some spectacular Italian food. I stopped along the way to capture the sun on a field. 

My playlist for the drive included Johnny Horton, Becky Hobbs, Vern Gosdin and Joe Walsh.

I hope you enjoy experiencing some of what inspired me for the day! 


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