You’re eye for irrelevance
regards me and then
casts a glance away,
distracted by trinkets
of rain and disguise.
I can’t run fast enough
to get caught by
your circumstance, and
I dont know where to stand
to be something that must
at least be unconsidered.
My only real choice in it
is to breathe or not.
My only hope is to go
unnoticed, sitting crowded
with this merry-go-round
running loose in my mind,
Asking when did the dream end
and this inexistence begin?

Published by Susan McElhaney

I love my kids, NYC, writing, photography, movies, baseball and cream cheese. I am a mom and a wife. I have a bachelors degree in English and Journalism and a masters degree in School Counseling. For over 20 years, I have served as the Communications and Marketing Director at a trade school. I love travelling, and dreaming.

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