NYC ’15 – God’s Day

The weather was supposed to be in the 40s, but we had gusts in addition to temps plummeting into the teens. None of us dressed warm enough, but it didn’t keep us from enjoying a day in Harlem (Harlem and Morningside Heights are a couple of my favorite places to see when I am in NYC).

We started out the day going to church services at Mother AME Zion church. Once called the Freedom Church, it was one of the first black churches in New York and was also a part of the Underground Railroad. Slaves were hidden behind the pulpit and a black newspaper operated out of the basement.

I always find the music exhilarating. A portion of the service was about racism and promoted blacks taking a stand. At the risk of being called a racist, I was more than frustrated with this message that took on a tone of hate. It doesn’t seem to me that what is being advocated is equality; rather it is vindication. And tolerance is only applicable if you believe exactly the way you are told to believe.

Tolerance – in my book – is two people with known different philosophies being able to share a connection with each other, void of judgment and hate.

But I digress. It was exceptional music and once the sermon returned to worshipping God, it was a very moving message indeed.

After church, we had some amazing soul food at Jacobs (an amazing place that pays by the weight of your plate). We went to the Apollo Theatre, and also saw some pretty brownstones. We then went to see the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, Riverside Church and Grant’s Tomb – all were breathtaking!

We finished the night by going to Ground Zero and eating at Katz (AMAZING!). Also while in that area don’t miss out on eating at the Clinton Street Bakery!

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