NYC ’15 – Family Ties

I had one of my best New York moments today. The rest of my group went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island today while I went to meet with family. Since I’ve been to Ellis Island a few times, I didn’t mind missing it, but I must stress that visiting Ellis Island is a must at least once.

Merv (cousin) made the very best waffles I’ve ever had in my life. He and his family were so very kind and welcoming. With us coming from very different backgrounds and having never met nor even known about each other, I worried that it might be awkward. To me, it seemed quite the opposite. I felt like we all connected well. Merv knew who my grandmother was and even spoke about being at her home. That meant a great deal to me. I was ashamed when I realized that all I really knew about his family was that his dad was my grandma’s brother.

I was fascinated with a story his wife told about choosing her career in jewelry designing. It basically follows the adage “follow your dream.” Few get to do that and I feel she is one who was fortunate to have done just that.

After waffles, Merv, his daughter and I did some shopping then he showed me where he works at Spotify. The thought put into designing the office space is most impressive. We then went to Union Square and went to a comic book store. I bought the Walking Dead comics for my son Jake.

I then walked around some before heading back to the room to meet up with the group.

We completed our evening with the Jersey boys and some Mac and cheese at the Cafeteria. The food was great, however, the noise level was terrible (but that is often the case in NYC restaurants). I should also mention that the place is quite trendy with diverse personalities so it might not be for everyone. I enjoyed the experience and loved the food.

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