Red Sox Game (Boston)

We slept in this morning. Something I find quite fascinating in Gloucester is that most places do not have AC. They open their windows and use a box fan if needed. The place where we are staying is on stilts over the water. We get to experience the tide activity. During some parts of the day, the tide is out and there is no water beneath us, and boats are setting on the ground. Then during other parts of the day, the boats are floating and there is lots of water underneath our place.

Today, we caught the train into Boston for the Red Sox game. We could have driven, but it takes longer; I didn’t want to drive in Boston, and I thought it would be an amazing experience for the boys (Trey slept, Jake listened to his iTunes).

We made it to Fenway Park. I had researched our seats online and they looked like good ones, so the time was finally here to find out. And Yes! They were good. Plus the game was good. We sat close to the first base line, near the dugout. It did get a little hot, but unlike Oklahoma, there was a cool breeze to help with a nice cooldown.

After the game, we took a duck tour of Boston. We learned a lot about the layout of the city and how the city controlled the Charles River to reshape what is now Boston and Cambridge. We drove a bit on Boylston street, where much of the Boston Marathon is ran, and we crossed the finish line – where the bombings took place.

We saw the place where JFK maintained his residency while he was in office, the Cheers bar and the stadium where the Celtics and the Bruins play.

Since the duck tours are a land and water tour, we did drive right into the Charles River and toured it for a while. Jake even got to drive the boat.

The driver showed us a section of land where for thousands of years the Native Americans migrated for fishing.

We saw the place where Paul Revere came to borrow the horse he rode to warn the Militia that the British were coming.

I would recommend the Duck Tours if you have children, but otherwise, I would have skipped it.

When we got off the boat, we were starving, so we headed to the North End. Italian immigrants dominate that area, so there are some phenomenal restaurants in that area.

We headed back to the North Station to catch the commuter train back to Gloucester. We got into bed around 1 am.

I didn’t get a lot of pictures because my phone died and I ran out of room on my camera.


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