Fishing Day (Gloucester, MA)

The day everyone was waiting on has at last arrived: Our first day of fishing.

We got up at 4 am and boarded the boat by 5 am.

Both boys got a little sea sick but pulled through it to catch several haddock. Trey caught a shark, but no tuna. At one point, Jake was bent over getting sick while saying, “I am not going to miss this fishing trip.”

Ira, our captain on the Sandy B was great and also educational. Billy, the mate, worked hard for us too. But I don’t think Ira liked him much.

We saw humpback and fin whales.

After 12 hours of fishing, we headed back. We went to eat at Katrina’s. Our captain recommended it. I had the steak tips (very good). Jake had hot wings. Trey and Evan had their bacon cheeseburger. Everyone loved their meal.

We then went to see the “Man at the Wheel,” a monument that commemorates fisherman lost at sea.

We went to Crows Nest, the bar where the fishermen lost at sea in the Perfect Storm frequented. Bobby’s mom continued working there but ultimately lost her life to breast cancer a few years ago.

We went back to our rooms and went to bed to prepare for another day of fishing.


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