Who Knew (to Sam)

ImageWho knew today
that yesterday
would be our last?
Who knew yesterday
that today I would
hold you no more,
come home to
you no more.
comfort you
no more?

Who knew
and why didn’t
they tell me?

I would have held
you tighter, and
stayed with you longer.
I would have
done a thousand
things differently,
and I would
have never
let you go.

Sound the Silence

(On bullying)

Its aggression
is the silent
attacker of our
promise, and
the youth
grow weary
from trying
to speak
gets noticed,
and victims
go home
in shame,
tarnished and
without hope.
Mommas cry
unable to protect
their babies and
efforts are denied
to prevent
the day’s end.
So hopelessness
sets in, and
silence abounds.
God be with and
protect until the
day the silent
are given sound.


You’re nice,
could even
have it all,
but I just
don’t have
what it takes
to put it all
on the line
Back in the day,
If you had
known me then,
I’d pour out
my heart,
giggle, dance,
and maybe even
twirl my hair,
but today,
the truth is
I’m just not
that girl